Angénieux Optimo Wide Angle Adapter 0.75x

The WA attachment has been designed to work at short focal lengths. It provides the ability to achieve various image effects such as “fish eye” along with pristine image quality from infinity to approximately 6’6” (2m).
The Wide Angle attachment WA 0.75x has been especially designed for Optimo 15-40, Optimo Style 16-40 and Optimo DP 16-42.
WA 0.75x technical specifications
  • Ratio 0.75x
  • MOD 2m – 6’6”
  • Front diameter 144 mm
  • Clamp ring diameter 114 mm
  • Weight 450g – 1lb
With the Wide Angle attachment
  • at 15 mm, you can shoot wide angle 11.25mm
  • at 16 mm, you can shoot wide angle 12mm