AXON Video D/A Conversion

SAM10 - Digital to analog A/V bridge with SDI processed outputs
The SAM10 is another ultimate example of combined functions and features in a single module. The module bridges the digital world to the analog world. With composite or component video and analog audio outputs, the SAM10 is the ideal card to source an analog tape machine from an SDI + embedded audio or digital audio signal. It can also be found in a studio or transmission environment that is being upgraded to a central SDI + embedded audio single layer router. If an AES/EBU layer is required, the SAM10 accepts this signal too. To preserve your investment after the infrastructure is digitized; it comes with an SDI bypass function and can be used as an SDI de-embedder. The SAM10 is the mirror function of the ASM10.

HAC08 - HD monitoring D/A converter (component outputs)
The HAC08 is a monitoring HD-SDI to analog component converter with a reclocked HD-SDI output. It can output HD RGB and YPrPb signals.

SAV38 - Triple monitoring D/A converter (composite or Y/C outputs)
The SAV38 is a triple channel monitoring D/A converter. The three individual channels can be used for dual composite or Y/C output signals. By introducing this triplet, AXON is able to provide an extreme high density monitoring system with up to 12 channels in one rack unit (SFR04), 24 channels in a SFR08 and 54 channels in four rack units (SFR18).