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Our main areas of work include video and audio based infrastructure and systems planning, execution, integration and development, along with technical and operational support.

Gábor Csapó

Managing Director

Gábor Varsányi

Business Developement

Anikó Illés

Financial Director


Éva Samai

Sales Representative

Béla Lindenberger

System Engineer, Support Teamleader

Dániel Bányai

System Engineer

Béla Sztupa

Sales Representative

Zoltán Tuboly

Sales Representative

Károly Nádas

Service Technician

Zsolt Nagy

Service Engineer

Majubu Mirjam

Sales Admin Teamleader

Kata Végvári

Finance & Accounting

Hajnalka Vig

Finance & Accounting

Ágnes Szrnka

Sales Administrator

Imre Gerda

Sales Representative

Dániel Dévai

Presales Engineer

Ferenc Németh

System Engineer, SI Teamleader

Miklós Perneczky

Project Sales Engineer

Nándor Cseh

Sales Administrator

Vanda Bocskár

Sales Administrator

Gábor Varga

Support Engineer

Kornél Marancsik



Our Awards

Grass Valley – Special Achievment „Live Production” 2015
Partner Award – Outstanding Sales Performance 2008
REXFILM Kft. - D&B Arany okleveles cég 2018

D-U-N-S no. 40-146-2841 – June 15, 2018.